INHALE: The most fragrant time of the year

No matter where you find yourself in autumn, it smells wonderful. From the earthy scent of fallen leaves, to the rich aroma of kindling catching fire in the woodstove, to the ubiquitous seasonal spices EVERYWHERE, you can't help but "mmmmm" to yourself several times a day as the year draws to a close.

Essential oils allow us to have fall (or any season, actually) on demand. These oils are the heart and soul~~the very essence~~of plants. They repel pests, attract pollinators and please the humans who are now rediscovering these versatile liquids once they're liberated from leaves, bark, and flowers.

This time of year, our desires turn to the comforting scents that find their way into our favorite holiday dishes. That homey feeling that comes over us with the first whiff of pumpkin spice ________ (whatever!) is what aromatherapy is all about ... using plant oils to enhance our lives through inhalation or topical application. It should come as no surprise that the smell of black pepper stimulates the digestive system (as well as the mind and respiratory system), the aroma of cinnamon is warming, and the scent of cloves is a documented aphrodisiac.  

But you don't need to do a lot of scientific research to learn the effects different oils have on our well-being. If the aroma of a particular essential oil resonates with you, bringing up pleasant memories and creating an enjoyable feeling for you, you've found a keeper. But do take care with using oils topically. They should always be diluted first, and spot tested to observe your reaction. The easiest thing to try is simply testing a few oils by inhalation to see which ones speak to you.

Here are some other oils you may like to explore this time of year. See if an inhale ...

  • Ginger: promotes courage and confidence
  • Cardamom: uplifts mood
  • Rosemary: awakens the memory
  • Sage: restores energy
  • Thyme: stimulates intelligence

So get sniffing ... and let me know which scents resonate with you :)