PRACTICE: Bringing the Green Mountains to your mat

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Whenever I have the chance to unroll my yoga mat on the carpet of grass beside our Vermont barn, I take a moment to express gratitude for all that surrounds me ... and I long to bring the same full-hearted feeling back to the students I practice with in Massachusetts. So I decided to have a little fun with my classes this week and offer up postures that reflect many of the things I love about the Green Mountain State. And yes, Trevor Hall was on the playlist ;)

Because my classes tend to be conscious slow flows, I didn't include all of these shapes in every class I taught. And sometimes I just included aspects of certain postures. Because it's the intention that counts! 

Butterfly (supta boddha konasana): For the tiny, speedy lavender moths I see each spring but can't seem to catch with my camera to identify

Cat (marjaryasana): That time all those white kittens showed up at our house ...

Rock pose (balasana variation): Recognizing the stone walls meandering across our property

Sunbird (chakravakasana): I'm taking some liberties with this one, but we do have hummingbirds that I think are just as colorful

Gate pose (parighasana): Our pasture fences have several, for easy rotational grazing

Downward-facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) and upward-facing dog (urdhva mukha svanasana): Zoey, Barney, Cassie, Rubi, Barkley ... seems like almost everyone in the neighborhood's got one

Mountain pose (tadasana): Ephraim Mountain to our west, Mount Ascutney to the north, New Hampshire's Monadnock to the south, and little Pudding Hill to the east

Lightning bolt (utkatasana): Those summer thunderstorms ...

Downhill skier (utkatasana variation): Cross-country is more my style, but we see lots of vehicles with out-of-state license plates heading to nearby Okemo on the weekends

Locust (salabhasana): I actually prefer the fireflies but that posture (tittibhasana) didn't fit with this flow ;) 

Star (utthita tadasana): Because there are just so many in a clear night sky there

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Horse (utkata konasana): Ann and Carla from Dancing Horse Farm always stop to visit on their rides by the homestead

Low cobra (bhujangasana): Well, more like garden snakes ...

Extended puppy (anahatasana): For Luigi, the soft maremma from Spring-Rock Farm who visits our farm neighbors on the regular

Lizard (utthan pristhasana): I'll always think the salamanders near our brook are lizards

Tree pose (vrksasana): Apples, and maples and pines ... 

Standing waterfall (anyone know the Sanskrit name for this nice, swinging release?): The Brockway Mills Gorge down the street boasts a sweet swimming hole

Rooster variation (kukkutasana): We didn't even attempt this advanced arm balance, but instead found the energy of Handsome the rooster--looking after his ladies in the Ephraim Mountain Farm barnyard--by mindfully grounding the hands into low blocks while in Butterfly

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Eagle (garudasana): We watched one case the Black River last winter while running errands in town

Deer pose (mrigiasana): They're everywhere in Vermont, but every time I spy one I still think it's special

Bridge (setu bandha sarvangasana): It's how we get across the Connecticut River from New Hampshire

Cow-faced pose (gomukhasana): The peak pose, in honor of heifers (and social media stars) #Blossomthecow and #LouLou, the Simmental and Belted Galloway/White-Faced Hereford cross who now officially call our pasture their forever home

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