TASTE: Breakfast emergency!


When I first launched my website in 2016, my plan was to make a new blog post once a week. I soon realized that working full-time, teaching group and private classes, renovating two houses, and living life a little bit in between meant that once a month was a more reasonable goal. But when I started my 300-hour yoga teacher training in December, even my in-between time evaporated. So my new intention is to try making shorter posts once a month. And to get me back into the groove, I'm going back to my favorite topic--food.

Did you ever open the fridge only to realize you don't have the ingredients you need for the quick snack you need NOW? I'm still spooning up So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk yogurt with fruit and toppings for my at-desk weekday breakfast. So that's probably why I just assumed I had all the necessary ingredients on hand. When I couldn't come up with any fresh or frozen fruit--and no time to run to the nearby grocery--my wheels started turning.

Now, of course, I could have had plain yogurt topped with some toppings, but I knew that wouldn't satisfy my hunger. I opened my desk drawer for inspiration and found the solution--my homemade protein powder blend. I whisked a tablespoon full into the yogurt with my fork and topped it with dry-toasted tiger nuts, coconut shreds and cacao nibs. A breakfast sundae!

smoothie mix.JPG

I usually look for something "else" after lunch, and my go-to is a protein powder shaken into some So Delicious coconut milk. Here's a base recipe I developed from the ingredients I happened to have on hand one day ...

3/4 c cacao powder
1/2 c carob powder (roasted or raw--your choice, your tastebuds)
1/4 c hemp fiber (you could use any other kind of plain protein powder)
1/4 c green powder (LOTS of options here)
1/8 c stevia powder
1/8 c gelatanized maca
1/8 c lucuma
1/8 c maqui berry

Whisk, then store in a handy container. For a liquid snack, put about 1/2 cup crushed ice in a BlenderBottle (mine is 28 oz.) sprinkle a generous scoopful of the powder over top, fill bottle about halfway with your choice of non-dairy beverage, then shake-shake-shake! Top with more milk, shake some more then enjoy. OR, think about mixing it into yogurt or baked goods. Let me know what you think!