TASTE: Quick end-of-summer fare

Can you believe summer is almost over? The nights are cooling off and the earlier sunset is noticeable as we exit the studio after class in the evening. But these are the days when everyone's gardens are exploding with zucchini, tomatoes, and--this year, at least--fruit. We had a bumper crop of blueberries in Vermont in July, and now we're trying to keep up with the peaches and pears in Massachusetts. We haven't had the chance to spray with the organic pest and fungus repellents that we usually use, so eating out-of-hand isn't really an option as there are areas that need to be cut away and composted. But that's never a problem--who doesn't love fresh fruit in a dessert or smoothie?

Yogurt nibs

My first meal of the day is still So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, these days spooned over those never-ending peaches, topped with sliced toasted coconut and tiger nuts and--what's this?--chocolate? Yup, cacao nibs aren't just for dessert anymore. If you've tried them you know they aren't sweet on their own anyway, but they still give you the wonderful benefits (and chocolately goodness) of the stuff in the candy aisle.

One of the most satisfying quick meals I love to eat as a treat is a toasted vegan cheese sandwich. I'm taking a break from my usual Daiya mozzarella-style while I digest the latest news on their acquisition, but I was thrilled to find something I like even better--another So Delicious product that's amazing even straight out of the bag. Dressed up with greens, tomatoes, and a spread, this sandwich just doesn't need the dairy. I like this combo best on Storye's classic rye with carrots. I discovered this slow-baked natural bread while I was looking for something seed-free for my dad (who still avoids them because of his diverticulosis), and I love it's hearty, healthy taste as an occasional diversion from my usual gluten-free/low-ish starch way of eating. This sandwich is a close second to that award-winner I enjoyed at Wanderlust earlier this year ...

green juice
zucchini dill grill

My weekday mornings always start with green juice. I wish I had the time to juice fruits and veggies myself the way I used to, but lately I've been happy with the Suja brand. I love that it comes in larger sizes, and they have so many other delicious flavors as well. These are the reasons it always pays to visit other natural food stores in addition to your regular stop ... you'll never know what you'll discover there. Sometimes it's like Christmas morning!

The zucchini bread and pear cobbler disappeared before I could grab photographic proof of my creations. But I was able to grab a shot of my easy veggie smoked tofu grill on the last weekend of the summer. Soy Boy's flavored tofu is a nice treat that really satisfies. 

I won't consider summer officially over until I wake up Tuesday morning after Labor Day. I'll keep eating the fruit of the season for as long as the plants keep producing. How will you extend the warm days of summer?